About Us


As Angela embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and Monique's passion for wine blossomed, it became serendipitous for the two sisters to embark on a shared venture. Our decision to start this business is twofold: firstly, to fulfill Monique's long-standing dream, and secondly, with the hope of forging a stronger bond between us. Despite a significant age gap and different family backgrounds, we, Angela and Monique, share the same father but grew up separately. This venture serves as a bridge to overcome the years of separation and unfamiliarity.

Witnessing the transformative power of wine, we observed how it lights up any room. Pouring a glass not only brings relaxation during stressful times but also infuses the atmosphere with laughter and sparks captivating conversations among peers. The very word 'wine' exudes happiness for us, and we are eager to extend that joy to all of you. Our mission is to share the laughter, the conversations, and the happiness that wine brings, uniting people in the shared experience of joy and connection.

Despite our lack of prior experience in the wine industry, in 2020, we dedicated ourselves to an intensive learning journey, acquiring knowledge about grapes and the wine making process. Throughout the pandemic, we invested countless hours preparing for the launch of our business in 2021, ensuring that we were well-equipped and ready to introduce our passion to the world. 

We're not your typical wine company – we're all about having fun and empowering you to drink whatever wine brings you joy, without worrying about being 'correct.' With each bottle, we bring a touch of excitement through conversation games, enhancing the enjoyment of sipping wine with friends. Every win in life, big or small, deserves celebration, and we're here for it! Infused with our love for music and a good two-step, we invite you to experience our positive energy and passion for wine. 

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us on this ongoing journey as we strive to grow and expand. Your presence and support mean the world to us as we navigate the exciting path ahead.

So, grab a glass and Pour Up with us!